Sipsan Exhaust Systems was established in 1998 as an exhaust service for
Heavy Duty. In the meantime, with the investments made in the production field in
line with the developments in the automotive industry, the manufacturer has
gained the identity beginning with exhaust spirals on the production network,
Sipsan has taken important steps to introduce its products to the world market in
the following years. Establishing its own export network in 2008, Sipsan has
expanded its production network by making new investments in order to meet
customer expectations and to produce exhaust pipes. After this date, taking the
Total Quality Management policy as a principle instead of the production and sales
policy, Sipsan has aimed at achieving the minimum work force + minimum error =
customer satisfaction to the highest level by concentrating its work and
investments on automation. Automotive Aftermarket Industry catches enough
customer potential in the world market and in 2015, Sipsan also started production
of Exhaust Emitters in line with customer expectations. Having made customer
satisfaction and high quality production the basic principle, Sipsan culminated in
the achievements of its work in 2017 with the right to obtain ISO 16949:2016 and
CE certificates.
We export high quality Heavy Duty Exhaust Silencers, Exhaust Pipes,
Exhaust Flexible Pipes and Exhaust system equipment produced by hand without
touching to nearly 50 countries around the world.

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